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The Meltzer Clinic Financial Policies

These are the Meltzer Clinic Financial Policies for for quick reference. Please be aware that insurance is complex and always changing, and as such, so must our policies. This is why it is so important to call our office 480-657-7006 for the most current information on these topics.

Thank you!

The Meltzer Clinic PC

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Cash Pay

Consultations are $100, this fee is collected as a scheduling and booking fee. You may cancel or reschedule as long as you give our office 48hrs notice. Last minute cancellations and no shows will not receive a refund.

Surgical fees can be quoted once you receive a consultation. These will include hospital, anesthesia and the surgeon’s fees. These are discounted rates and the hospital and anesthesia bills cannot be submitted to your insurance company. The hospital will not provide an itemized statement for reimbursement. To schedule a surgical date, you will be required to place a $2500 deposit for each distinct surgical date. This fee will go toward your surgical fees.


Consultation fees are covered by Kaiser if you have an authorization. You may not schedule before receiving a referral and authorization from your Kaiser home plan. You will generally be responsible for your specialist co-pay, this will be collected at your pre-op.

There is no surgical deposit required to schedule a date. You are responsible for paying your co-pay/co-insurance. Patients with large co-pays will be required to submit payment 6 weeks in advance, smaller co-pays may be collect at your pre-op. It is your responsibility to understand your policy and your surgical co-pay/co-insurance/deductible. Some plans do make a portion of the hospital stay a per day fee to the patient, this will be billed separately by the hospital. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with your plans specifics. Additionally, please make sure you understand the requirements your plan has for insurance approval; included but not limited to, mental health letters, hormone therapy and appointments with primary care providers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

We are in network with BCBS AZ, this means we are also considered in network for many Blue Plans across the nation. Some plans do still have exclusions, you must check your policy for Gender Surgery benefits.

Consultation fees may be covered by your insurance, you will need to check your plan for any exclusions. You will generally be responsible for your specialist co-pay. This will be collected at your pre-op.

You are not required to submit a deposit if you have a BCBS plan with gender surgery benefits. You will be responsible for any co-pay/co-insurance/deductible as stipulated by your plan. You will need to pay our portion prior to surgery. The hospital may collect a separate and/or additional fee (again as stipulated by your specific plan), please make sure to familiarize yourself with your plan. Additionally, please make sure you understand the requirements your plan has for insurance approval; included but not limited to, mental health letters, hormone therapy and appointments with primary care providers.

BCBS patients with GCS exclusions will be considered as cash pay patients.

Other insurance companies

We work with most insurance companies. This work is done on a case by case basis.
Please inquire directly with the office by email info@themeltzerclinic.com or phone 480-657-7006.


Our Clinic’s providers have opt’d out of Medicare. We cannot accept patients that have Medicare without a signed acknowledgment of our opt out status. You will be considered a cash pay patients and you will not be allowed to submit your bills from us for reimbursement by Medicare. If you have BCBS or Kaiser along with Medicare please email or call for further information.


We are not in network for most state Medicaids.

We have started to work with Washington Apple Medicaid, this is a recent development and while we work on the details of this arrangement we ask that you please contact the office for more information.


The office does not offer any in-house financing or payment plans.

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