FtM Surgeries and Procedures

Dr. Meltzer performs a wide range of FtM Surgeries and procedures. We have provided a list and descriptions of the Female to Male Gender Confirming Surgeries that our surgeons perform on this page. These surgeries & procedures are done at the HonorHealth Specialty Surgical Hospital  Please call our office at 480-657-7006 or email us info@themeltzerclinic.com with any questions or for more information.


This procedure results in a normal, but very small, appearing penis. The suspensory ligament is released to allow more functional length, and the labial ligaments are divided to allow the penis to come forward and unrestricted natural erections.  The skin surrounding the shaft and glans is elevated and wrapped around the shaft of the penis and the ligaments and dorsal suspensory tissue is used to thicken up the shaft of the penis.

Chest Surgery

Liposuction contouring and additional excision of tissue if needed, to create a male appearing chest. Can be done with or without nipple reconstruction to relocate and downsize the nipple areolar complex.

Urethral Lengthening

Formation of an extended urethra through the neophallus.


Pedicle Groin Flap

The creation of a phallus by using skin harvested from either the flank area and forming a tube that is slowly released from the patient’s body. This is a staged procedure that creates a penis of adequate size but without erogenous sensation.

 Radial Forearm Free Flap

The creation of a phallus by using skin, nerves and vessels from the forearm. This is a microsurgical procedure that creates a sensate penis of adequate size for intercourse.

Scrotoplasty (with or without implants)

Creation of scrotum followed by possible placement of tissue expanders and then permanent testicular implants.

Erectile Device

Placement of penile implant for FtM patients with an existing phalloplasty.